Working closely with Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia (BEN Namibia), Bicycles for Humanity Colorado has opened three Bicycle Empowerment Centers (BEC’s) in northern Namibia.

The small communities of Nkurenkuru, Singalamwe and Bunya have all opened bike shops using donated bikes. These bike shops provide much needed jobs for several members of each community and help to solve the basic problem of transportation.

In addition, a portion of the bikes in each community are donated to local healthcare workers who use the bikes to visit patients in the surrounding areas — many who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

As the bike shops have grown, the profits from the sale of bikes have gone back into the community. In the village of Nkurenkuru, the sale of bikes led to the building of a kindergarten for children in the surrounding area.

How big of a difference can 2 wheels make? See how our bikes are changing lives and communities in remote villages of Namibia.

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