About Bicycles for Humanity Colorado

Bicycles for Humanity Colorado is a 501(c)3  that was formed by Josh Pace, Rodd Granger, and Keenan Gates in September of 2007 to begin to form a bridge of community sharing between the front range of Colorado and healthcare workers serving those in need in Africa. We were inspired by the ability to marry personal interests and the desire to help those most marginalized in society.

Bicycles for Humanity Colorado has delivered over 6,000 donated bikes to small communities in Namibia, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania. While there are common themes that unite all of these communities, each community is different. Bicycles for Humanity works with local communities and NGO’s to help craft solutions that work for the communities on the ground.

Where do we send bikes? Go on tour with us and see where our bike shops are located and the impact they make on local communities.



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